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The fund invests in cryptocurrencies (CC) which involve potentially higher risks and greater volatility than established asset classes. Investors in CC are exposed to the risk of fraud and loss. CC can be stolen. After purchase, CC are stored in multiple hot and cold storages. These virtual multi-signature wallets are protected by private keys and passwords. Just as in real wallets, money can be stolen from virtual wallets as well. Thefts and hacker attacks can have a negative impact on the reputation of the currency or the market place concerned and thus affect negatively the market price of CC. CC can be used anonymously and CC do not have to be traded through government institutions or banks. CC can be purchased directly from an owner or a trading venue. Investors thus face increased risk of liquidity disruption. The market value of CC is not based on any kind of claim, nor any physical asset. Instead, the market value depends on the expectation of being usable in future transactions. This strong correlation between an expectation and market value is the basis for the current and probable future volatility of the market value of CC. The underlying blockchain technology is not regulated nor audited. For more details on the Fund’s potential risks, please read the Prospectus.

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